Assessment Fact Sheet 2

Writing Statements of Administrative Objectives

Intended administrative objectives are the performance goals that an administrative or educational support unit plans to reach during a given assessment period. Stating these objectives means describing a function the unit will perform, a service it will provide, or a result its service should bring about in the knowledge, skills, attitudes, or satisfaction of the unit's clients. Although some administrative units and many educational support units could potentially identify many such expected results, usually only three to five outcomes are selected for study at any given time.

Keep Outcomes Statements Simple

In your assessment plan, please try to avoid "bundling," that is, the joining together in one administrative objective of elements that would actually have to be assessed separately. To be useful, your statements of administrative objectives should be simple declarative sentences.

Bundled statement: Students will be satisfactorily advised on available aid programs, eligibility requirements, application processes, and their rights and responsibilities regarding student loans, so as to ensure a low cohort default rate, to maintain eligibility to participate in Title IV funding.

Simple statement: Maintain a low cohort default rate on student loans.

Describe Services and Functions, Not Administrative Plans

In addition to participating in assessment, many administrative and educational support units are also engaged in strategic planning. Such planning may place special emphasis on defining administrative actions that will help to bring about a new initiative. While appropriate to strategic planning, statements of administrative actions should not be used in place of function or service statements in your list of administrative objectives.

Administrative Planning:
Hire a new Information Technology specialist to update the unit's web site

Assessment Objective:
The number of hits on the unit's web site will increase.

Last Updated: 04/10/2013

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