National Survey of Student Engagement

The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) asks students about how much time and effort they devote to studying or participating in co-curricular activities, how fully challenged and supported they feel by their college, and how students estimate their educational and personal growth since starting college.

NSSE survey items are grouped within several Engagement Indicators. These indicators fit within five themes engagement adapted from the Benchmarks of Effective Educational Practice, as follows:

  • Academic Challenge – Including Higher-Order Learning, Reflective and Integrative Learning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Learning Strategies
  • Learning with Peers – Including Collaborative Learning and Discussions with Diverse Others
  • Experiences with Faculty – Including Student-Faculty Interaction and Effective Teaching Practices
  • Campus Environment – Including Quality of Interactions and Supportive Environment
  • High-Impact Practices – Special undergraduate opportunities such as Service-Learning, Study Abroad, Research with Faculty, and Internships that have substantial positive effects on student learning and retention

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NSSE 2015
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NSSE 2012

Multi-Year Benchmark Reports by College 2008-2012

Multi-Year Benchmark Reports by Department (2002-2004 and 2006-2012)

Historical Mean Comparison: 2008-2012

NSSE 2011

Multi-Year Benchmark Reports by College 2007-2011

Historical Mean Comparison: 2007-2011

NSSE 2010

Multi-Year Benchmark Reports by College

Historical Mean Comparison: 2006-2010

NSSE 2009

Multi-Year Benchmark Reports by College

Historical Mean Comparison: 2002-2009

NSSE 2008
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NSSE 2004
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